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Ilkley Moor Big Cat

A new photo has emerged that was taken at Ilkley Moor, in Yorkshire, England. Those who research the unexplained will know Ilkley Moor is famous in this type of stuff for the photo of a supposed alien taken there on December 1, 1987. The new photo isn't of an alien though, at least not of the extraterrestrial type. This time, an alien big cat has been photographed on the moor.

Billy Holmes was visiting Ilkley Moor last Friday when he and others spotted what they say was a big cat. "I was walking across the Cow and Calf area as it was a beautiful day, and there was this animal that was for more muscular than anything I had seen before," he said. "It was sort of lurking about and then got away as we got closer."

He continued: "I reckon we were about 20 meters away and we saw some markings that were similar to that of a leopard or snow leopard. It literally looked like a huge cat. A group of men also saw it who were closer and were just as confused as us."

Billy Holmes' photo of a big cat on Ilkley Moor
(Yorkshire Evening Post)
The Yorkshire Evening Post reported on the story on Monday, and adds:

"It's not the first time there have been rumors of big cats roaming the moorland above the West Yorkshire town,
"Back in 2010, several residents of the nearby village of Burley-in-Wharfedale claimed they had seen one living wild.
"The creature was described as 'black and puma-like' and was spotted by a couple on Hag Farm Lane. Other witnesses later came forward to say it was about the size of a labador and could be seen in fields.
"An Otley man claimed to have nearly crashed into a similar animal in Harden, near Bingley - and said that a gamekeeper he spoke to on Ilkley Moor seemed aware of the cat's presence.
"Police logged a call back in April 2005 from a member of the public reporting a big cat sighting in neighboring Menston."
Does this prove that there is a big cat living around Ilkley Moor? Maybe.


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