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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Crypto-Kid - The Podcast

In January, Ron Murphy, Jr. and my friend Colin Schneider started a podcast called Inside the Goblin Universe on Paranormal UK Radio. It was going good for awhile, until Colin was suddenly booted off of the podcast for a stupid reason by the people that run PAUK. He told me what happened afterwards, but that's not important here.

What is important, however, is that Colin is now going to have a new podcast - starting tomorrow, March 13th! The new show is going to be called Crypto-Kid (same as his blog) and will air live from 8pm to 9pm EST on Mondays. It's tagline on WCJV broadcasting, out of Youngstown, New York, is "A fresh look at cryptozoology." Being friends with Colin, I know that is what he brings to research. Sometimes he will have guests on and sometimes it will just be him, and since all the shows are live, people can call in to share stories and opinions. It's also nice that it's on at an earlier hour (especially for me, because I'll actually be able to listen to them when they are actually on now!).

Be sure to tune in to WCJV tomorrow night and check out Crypto-Kid! The website can be found right here.

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