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Update on Ohio Monster Guidebook...

It's been awhile since I had an update on my upcoming book, so here is one now.

The book is finished, although I haven't worked on anything with it for awhile as I've been busy with other things. But, soon I am going to start the publishing process again and I hope to be able to have it out within the next few months or so…

And here's a little preview from the book about a Sasquatch sighting in Salt Fork State Park:

"One [Bigfoot] sighting that has gotten some publicity occurred in 2013. On Memorial Day weekend, the Eddy family decided to go hiking at Salt Fork State Park. They probably never dreamed that they would encounter what they did that day. 
"The group consisted of Bob and Melissa Eddy, and their children, Sarah (16), Andrew (14), Emily (11), and Jersey (5). They were hiking on Morgan's Knob Loop Trail, and about 30 minutes into the hike Bob, Melissa, and Sarah decided to take a break at a picnic table that sits on top of a hill on the path. The other kids kept on walking and went down the hill.

View from the top of the hill

"About 15 minutes later, the parents heard the kids screaming. Bob ran down, expecting one of them to be hurt, but instead found all of them standing around each other. They told him that they had seen a Bigfoot looking at them from behind a tree.
"Bob went over to where they said they saw the Bigfoot and found nothing. He thought they may have seen a black bear. He did note, however, that the woods were very quiet. (That is reported quite a lot when a Bigfoot is seen or is thought to be in the area).
"After the family got back together, they heard a smack! like wood hitting a tree. Ten seconds later that was answered by another smack! from a different location and then a third, also from a different location.
"The SouthEastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation (SOSBI) happened to be having one of their group campouts at the park that weekend, and Melissa's sister told her this after she called her. Seven members of the group went to the area, and while they were walking down the trail, heard wood knocks like the family had.
"The researchers checked the area but didn't find anything. Then everyone went to the group campground and the family reported their sighting.
"Later, the Eddys were contacted by the TV channel Destination America. Their story was featured on the Ohio Grassman episode of the show Monsters and Mysteries in America. The show, however, did not show the encounter like it actually happened.
"A deer had been seen at the same time, and the family and the SOSBI members thought that the Bigfoot might have been hunting it. The children just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see the creature.
"The show, however, made it seem like the Bigfoot was stalking the kids. That's one of the many reasons I don't like re-enactments of cryptid sightings on TV shows, because producers always make it seem scarier than it actually was.
"The area where the creature was seen, Morgan's Knob Loop Trail, would be a good area for a Bigfoot to hide. I have hiked on the trail several times and there are no buildings anywhere nearby. If you go to the top of the hill where the Eddys stopped, you can barely see the flag by the lodge on the other side of the park. 

Check back for more on The Ohio Monster Guidebook in the future…

At the top of the hill where the Eddys stopped.
The picnic table is nearby  
 Also, I have stared work on two other books… One with Colin Schneider (more info later), and another that is a follow-up to Cryptid U.S...


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