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Friday, January 27, 2017

Tassie Tiger Photographed?

Has a Tasmanian tiger been caught on camera? A new photo from Australia is purported to show one of the thought-to-be-extinct marsupials.
Is a thylacine in the top center? (Thylacine Awareness Group/Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail reports that a trail camera has recorded a thylacine:

"A trail camera has captured an image that has sparked a debate whether one of Australia's lost animals has a sub-species living in Perth.
"The footage was captured on the outskirts of Perth and shows a dog-like animal with an extremely long tail.
"The cameras were placed in the property after the owners said their pet dog was killed by an unknown animal.
"With recent sightings reported of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger roaming around just an hours drive from Perth, an online debate is raging whether the animal could be a fox or a mainland species of thylacine.
"The Tasmanian Tiger or thylacine officially became extinct in 1986, despite the death of the last known thylacine in Herbert Zoo in 1936.
"The Tasmanian Tiger looked like a long dog with stripes and had a heavy stiff tail.
"With debate raging whether the animal could be a fox, Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia founder Neil Waters said it could possibly be a sub species of the thought to be extinct Tasmanian Tiger. 
 "'My claim is there is more than one species of thylacine's. Tasmanian Tigers in Tasmania were isolated so they probably had a narrower gene pool,' Mr Waters told Daily Mail Australia.
"'With the mainland being bigger there is a lot more scope for a sub species.
"'I agree the head looks like a fox, but the rear end I can't find a fox outline that looks like that. The tail is exceptionally long and even in thickness.
"'It looks like it is covered in fur. It doesn't look like a fox at the rear end.'
"Mr Waters said there have been numerous reported sightings of the Tasmanian Tiger an hours drive from Perth, both historical and recent, but none have been confirmed.
"In November the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia released special footage of what they believed to be a Tasmanian Tiger captured on trail cameras on a property in Nannup in Western Australia.
"Mr Waters told Daily Main Australia the animal moved exactly like a thylacine.
"'The animal has a very peculiar gait, the way it walks it quite weird,' Mr Waters said.
"'In one of the clips you can clearly see the stripes down the side.'" 
Could this be a Tasmanian tiger?? 
(Thylacine Awareness Group/Daily Mail)
 This actually looks quite like a thylacine to me.
 What do you think?

An old photo of two thylacines 

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