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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Small Town Monsters - Mothman of Point Pleasant Trailer

Below is the trailer for the fourth Small Town Monsters film - The Mothman of Point Pleasant. A Kickstarter campaign starts February 2nd.

Coming in June…

"Small Town Monsters returns for their fourth cryptozoology documentary! The Mothman of Point Pleasant chronicles the historic happenings that took place over the span of 13 months in 1966-67 in West Virginia. After a late-night run in with a freakish flying 'thing' near an abandoned munitions factory, four people report their sighting to local police which sparks a 'media frenzy'. Over the following year more strange happenings take place as Men in Black and UFOs descend on the town.
"But what actually happened in Point Pleasant? Learn the true story behind the infamous Mothman accounts from the people who lived them in this follow-up to STM's award-winnng 'Boggy Creek Monster.'"

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