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Friday, January 27, 2017

Small Town Monsters Mothman Kickstarter and Film #5

On February 2nd, Small Town Monsters is launching a Kickstarter campaign for their 4th film The Mothman of Point Pleasant and their 5th film, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge. 

"2017 will see the release of TWO Small Town Monsters films! In June we'll be releasing The Mothman of Point Pleasant, and in late October, we'll be unleashing our fifth film titled, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge! You can have your name in the credits of both films when you help fund their production by backing through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign!"

Some cool exclusive rewards can be gained through the Kickstarter too, such as the Creatureplica Mothman figure and a Small Town Monsters logo t-shirt.

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