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Monday, January 9, 2017

"Milwaukee Lion" Filmed on Security Camera

Security camera footage captured January 1st has led some to believe that a mysterious cat is roaming Milwaukee. reports:

"MILWAUKEE, Jan 4 (UPI) -- A Wisconsin resident's outdoor security camera captured some mysterious feline footage that has reignited rumors about a so-called 'Milwaukee Lion.'
"Isaiah Hair said he received an alert on his phone early Jan. 1 alerting him to movement detected by the security camera in his front yard, leading him to check the footage.
"The video revealed what appears to be a large feline strolling across Hair's yard.
"'People gonna say it's like a regular house cat,' Hair told WISN-TV. 'I've seen house cats on my camera before, and they didn't seem that long, that tall.'
"The footage reignited rumors that stemmed from a July 2015 video that showed what looks like a mountain lion wandering Milwaukee's Brewer's Hill neighborhood. Police and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources investigated the sighting, but no animal was ever located or positively identified.
"DNR officials say they suspect the animal in Hair's video was a common house cat." 

Check out a news clip from WISN 12 News about the cat below:

Doesn't look like a house cat to me! "It's not your average ally cat."

The one thing I do know, is that the new news coverage is better than the one from a few years ago… yeesh.

"It's a lion lion!"

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