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Big Scratches on a Tree - Must be Bigfoot!

"Bigfoot hunters say claw marks likely evidence of 'Alabama Booger Monster,'" reports, in an article about some people from the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, whose show Killing Bigfoot will premiere on Destination America Feb. 2nd:

"It was a memorable Friday the 13th for Donald McDonald of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. When he was invited to speak at the annual Collard Green Festival in Evergreen earlier this month, he had no idea he'd discover evidence of the legendary creature in Conecuh County.
"But when a resident of the Pine Orchard community pointed out claw marks on a tree in his yard, McDonald determined they couldn't have been made by humans, and it's unlikely they were made by any other animals.
"'Some of those claw marks start at about 8 feet off the ground and go to almost 12 feet,' McDonald said. 'Yes, there are bears in the area but a bear, if it would have made those marks, there would have been bear claw marks on the sides of the tree where it climbed it, there were none.'
"McDonald was accompanied by fellow researcher Michael Humphreys, his co-star on the TV show, "Killing Bigfoot," which airs at 9 p.m. Central Feb 4 on Destination America. Alabama Bigfoot enthusiast Ashly McPhaul of Excel joined the men, and Lee Peacock of The Evergreen Courant tagged along for a story.
"Peacock said he doesn't know what to make of the claw marks. 'I'm a very skeptical person by nature, but I like to keep an open mind. I have never personally seen a Bigfoot, but what I saw at Pine Orchard the other day is hard to ignore,' he said. 'Like true expert trackers, McDonald and Humphreys seem to be able to see things in the woods that most people wouldn't give much attention to. It was a very eye-opening experience for me.' Click here to read his story. 
"McDonald and Humphreys didn't do any filming for the TV show while in Alabama but they came to town early to check some Bigfoot sightings reported to GCBRO from people in the area.
"'I had no idea when I was contacted that there were that many reports of these creatures in the area,' he said. (Bigfoot) howls and screams in the area have been heard by several of the locals. Many have seen it cross the road on them and had them around their homes.'
"McDonald said the GCBRO had about 18 reports in the area but when he left Alabama he had as many as 40 reports of sightings. 'Just amazing.'
"According to the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Center website, people have reported seeing Sasquatch in 43 of Alabama's 67 countries.
"McDonald said he didn't get  to the Sepulga River bottoms, an area where about six people have reported 'seven- to 8-foot-tall hairy bipedal creatures crossing the roads, seen coming out of the river and in people's back yards.'
"If the 'Killing Bigfoot' team were to find a creature that threatened humans, they would kill it, McDonald said. 'They are not these forest friends that many people think they are,' he said.
"He said Alabamians have different names for the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. 'These Bigfoot creatures in Alabama have several local names, he said. 'The Alabama White Thing, and around Evergreen, it's the Alabama Booger Monster. I'm sure there are a lot more local names throughout the state.'
"McDonald said that anyone who'd like to report a sighting can email him at"

Below is a picture of the marks on the tree from Peacock's blog.

Were they made by Bigfoot? You really don't hear reports of Bigfoots using "claws" to scratch up trees, so I honestly doubt that one did this. Peacock says that McDonald and Humphreys picked it out as a Bigfoot because they're "true expert trackers," but I bet is more likely they just have Bigfoot on the brain.  They both seem to think that Bigfoots are violent monsters anyway, which they may be sometimes (like any other animal!), but there are very, very few reports of Sasquatch harming or killing anyone and most of those reports are very old.


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