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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

365 Days of UFOs

A new book by Nick Redfern, and one of the first (maybe the first) book on an unexplained topic in 2017…

365 Days of UFOs: A Year of Alien Encounters is that book, which is available now.

Below is the book description:

"Alien Encounters
"Crop Circles
"Government Conspiracies
"Close Encounters
"In the pages of his new book, Nick Redfern presents 365 of his favorite UFO stories - one for every day of the year. Spanning decades and continents, they cover numerous subjects, including the Roswell UFO crash, Men in Black, Mothman, face-to-face encounters with extraterrestrials, military pilots and UFOs, crashed flying saucers, and cosmic cover-ups."

A very interesting idea for a book!

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