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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Owner of the Mothman Diner Dies

Saw this on Loren Coleman's CryptoZooNews yesterday…
Carolin Harris
Carolin Harris, owner of Harris' Steakhouse (A.K.A. The Mothman Diner) in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, passed away yesterday morning. In addition to owning the diner, Harris was co-director of the Mothman Festival.

This was posted on the Mothman Festival Facebook page:

"It is with great Sadness that we even have to say this, but late last night we lost a wonderful person, the sweet and lovable Carolin Harris, of Harris Steak House (or as you might know it by - 'The Mothman Diner'). She was also the co-director of the Mothman Festival and has given us so much support over the years. 
"She was like a mother to so many in our small town… always welcoming to all, with her kind and hospitable heart and a smile on her face. We're not sure that we'll ever be able to fill this void of not having her around. She will be greatly missed, that's for sure."

While I was in Point Pleasant earlier this year, I stopped and got a photo at Harris' diner, the "Mothman Diner."

RIP Carolin Harris.


2016 has seen the deaths of many people in the cryptozoology world, and many others as well, including, today, Carrie Fisher, 60, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. This was a real shock to me today. Star Wars VIII (which Fisher is in) is done filming, but who knows what they will do now with future films. Fisher suffered a heart attack last week and was in critical condition. RIP Carrie.

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