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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Juan Acavar's Surviving Smilodon

In 1975, a strange cat was shot in Paraguay. After it was killed, Juan Acavar, a zoologist, examined it. What he concluded it was is amazing.

Acavar said that the cat had foot-long saber teeth in its mouth. Now, the only cats known to have that were the saber-toothed cats which are supposed to have gone extinct thousands of years ago. Acavar thought that the cat was a living saber-tooth, to be specific, a smilodon.
Charles R. Knight Smilodon painting, 1903

It is said that, fearing ridicule for saying he had seen an animal supposed to be extinct, Acavar instead said that the cat was a "mutant jaguar." But was it really?

If anyone out there knows more about this strange cat seen by Juan Acavar in 1975, let me know!

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