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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"The Movie's Become Real Life to Me" - A Review of "Boggy Creek Monster"

Recently I got to check out the newest Small Town Monsters documentary Boggy Creek Monster, which will be released November 11th.

Boggy Creek Monster is the third film in the Small Town Monsters series, the other two being Minerva Monster and Beast of Whtiehall. 

The new film focuses on sightings of the Boggy Creek Monster (or, more likely, monsters) seen around Fouke, Arkansas, and the area of Boggy Creek and the Sulphur River Bottoms. One interesting thing I learned from the film is that Boggy Creek itself it actually very small, and most sightings of the creature occur in different areas around there.

The Boggy Creek Monster became famous in 1972 after the movie The Legend of Boggy Creek was released. Directed by Charles B. Pierce, the movie was a sort of "docu-drama" that told mostly true stories about what the people around Fouke had been seeing. Lots of the people in the film weren't actors either, and were "playing" themselves.
My LoBC poster

The 1972 movie is about sightings that happened in the early '70s, but sightings of the creature(s) around the area have continued to this day. Boggy Creek Monster covers quite a few of these more recent sightings.

The film is narrated by Lyle Blackburn, who wrote a fantastic book on the subject titled The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster, which was released in 2012. Throughout the film he talks about the time he has spent investigating the mystery.
Lyle Blackburn & I
Boggy Creek Monster is over an hour long, which makes it the longest of the three Small Town Monsters film. It also thoroughly covers the history of the town and the monster from the early-1900s to the present day.

Two things that really stuck out to me in the film were the parts when Smokey Crabtree (who passed away earlier this year) talked about the monster, and when it was revealed that the film crew may have captured evidence of the creature itself! I won't say what that evidence is - you'll have to watch and find out yourself.

Smokey Crabtree lived in the woods near Fouke and became almost as legendary as the monster itself. He helped convince the people in Fouke to help Pierce make his movie in the '70s. Smokey never saw the monster himself, but members of his family did. His son Lynn had one of the most famous sightings of the monster in the '60s. In the film, you get to hear Smokey tell that story, and it is fascinating and awesome to hear it from him.

Once again (like with the other films,) Boggy Creek Monster was directed by Seth Breedlove. It also features a great soundtrack by Brandon Dalo, who also composed the soundtracks for the other two films.
With Seth and Brandon

This is probably my favorite out of the three STM films, and if you are someone who is interested in the mystery of the Fouke monster or cryptozoology in general, it is not to be missed. Like the other two STM films, there really isn't any dramatization and you hear the witnesses' stories directly from them. These movies are made how cryptid documentaries should be made.

One last thing - one thing a witness said really stuck out to be me, too, when he said "The movie's become real life to me" when talking about his encounter.

Thanks Seth, for letting me check out the movie early!

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