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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Defiance Dogman

On July 25, 1972, two freight train company employees in Defiance, Ohio were working the graveyard shift when they encountered a Dogman. Ted Davis, one of the witnesses, said, "I saw these two hairy feet. Then I looked up and he was standing there with a big stick over his shoulder. When I started to say something, he took off for the woods." He also said that the creature had "huge, hairy feet, fangs, and it ran side-to-side like a caveman in the movies."

About a week after that encounter, Davis claims he spotted the creature again, and in the same place. This time, the creature looked at him from the edge of the woods, and then left.

That same night, a grocer reported that he was attacked by a "hairy, animal-headed creature wielding a two-by-four."

About a week after the sightings the local newspaper heard about them and the story of the werewolf spread. The police took the reports seriously and searched for the creature. Police Chief Donald Breckler considered the creature a threat to the community.

In October 1972, also around Defiance, Ed Miller and his wife saw a large, bipedal creature running through a field. They left the area they were in, and later they went back with three of their younger friends and saw the creature again.

"It would start running towards the car, then crouch down in the weeds so we couldn't see it," Mrs. Miller said. "It howled at us… it was a long, hissing sound."

Gary Moore and his wife also saw the creature and described it as "wide, black, and hairy." They added that it had huge, glowing eyes. The witnesses agreed that it wasn't a man in a costume.

This post is excerpted from The Ohio Monster Guidebook, my upcoming book on Ohio cryptids.

More on the dogman can also be found in my first book, Cryptid U.S.

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