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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mothman - 50 Years

50 years ago today, the sighting that would make Mothman, Point Pleasant, West Virginia´s flying monster, famous occurred.

On November 15, 1966, Roger and Linda Scarberry, along with their friends Steve and Mary Mallette, went for a drive through the ¨TNT Area" just outside of Point Pleasant. What they saw that night would change their lives.

That night, as they were driving through the TNT Area, going by the old "igloos" that had been used to store ammunition during WWII. When they neared the old generator plant (which is not there today), they saw the Mothman.

They described the creature as man-shaped, six to seven feet tall, with red eyes, and wings. They also said the creature didn't appear to have a head. The eyes seemed "hypnotic" when it looked at them. Linda Scarberry described the creature as "flesh colored with ashen wings." When they first spotted the creature, it had one of it's wings stuck in guide wire by the road and was trying to free itself.

Not surprisingly, the witnesses were terrified of what they were seeing, but Linda Scarberry said it seemed like it was scared as well. After it freed its wing, it shuffled off towards the generator plant.

Roger Scarberry sped out of the area, and on their way out, they spotted the creature again, standing on a hill by the road. It then took off into the air and flew along with the car, flying at speeds around 100 m.p.h. As it was flying along with the car, the witnesses said the Mothman made a strange squeaking noise, described as "the squeak of a huge mouse." I will have another post on that subject later.

By the time they reached the town, the creature left. They decided to tell the authorities what they had seen. As they were heading back they saw the body of a dead dog by the road, and then saw the creature jump out at them, fly over the car, and disappear.

They told their story to the police who returned to the area. When the police went out, the body of the dog was gone. The police did not see the monster, but when they turned on their radio, they heard a "strange garbled sound screeching out at high volume, as though someone were playing a tape recorder at fast-forward speed."

That was the first encounter with Mothman, and there would be many more within the next year. Also during that time, other strange electronic occurrences happened, along with UFO activity, Men in Black encounters, and lots of other weird stuff, all around Point Pleasant and the surrounding areas in West Virginia and Ohio.

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