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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mill Race Monster Day (MRM Part 1)

On November 1, 1974, a creature now called the "Mill Race Monster" was spotted in Mill Race Park, in Columbus, Indiana.

The first sighting occurred around 3 p.m., when four teenage girls in the park saw something standing between some trees near a boat ramp going into the White River. They quickly fled the area and went to the police, telling them they had seen a monster that was "green, hairy, and large."
On Monsters and Mysteries in America

That evening, two women stopped in Mill Race Park to eat and talk. They knew nothing of the earlier report of the monster, but also encountered it.

Tyra Cataline, one of the witnesses, came forward years later to discuss the story on Monsters and Mysteries in America. "Out of the woods comes this thing," she said. "It had to be at least 7 feet tall, if not taller. It was way taller than a normal man. It was beating on the windshield, trying to get in and we were screaming... who wouldn't be screaming? We thought we were going to die... I said 'we've got to get out of here,' but the driver's leg was shaking so badly she couldn't get the car started."

The driver managed to get the car started and get out of there, but not before Cataline got a look at the monster.

She described it:

"There was  a greenish tinge to him. The thing's face. I don't know if it had been in the river drinking and it got moss on it because there was so much slime on its face... it did have fangs and he was trying to bite through the glass, and I was afraid he was going to tear the door off. Nothing has ever scared me as much as that."
Like the girls earlier in the day, the two witnesses went straight to the police and told them about their encounter. The police didn't really believe them, just like before. The women's car, however, had noticeable damage done to it and a terrible stench surrounded it. The police did go to the scene but found nothing.

 The next day, The Republic newspaper of Columbus printed a short blurb about the sightings, titled "Monster - Women Report Seeing 'Beast' in Mill Race:"

"They swear it's true. Six young women told city police Friday in to separate reports that they had seen a 'Mill Race Monster' - once in broad daylight.
"And whatever it is, the six are agreed, it is (1) Green, (2) Hairy, (3) Large, about six feet tall and walking upright, and (4) Has claws.
"Four of the women, whose names police did not list, said they saw 'the thing' about 3 p.m. Friday near the paved boat ramp in the park along White river at the west end of Fifth street. The other two said it jumped on the hood of their car, leaving scratch marks in the paint. That was about 11:45 p.m. No one was hurt, only frightened, police said.
"Officers searched the are on both occasions but found nothing. They are hoping it's only a misguided hobgoblin who lost its sense of timing and doesn't know Halloween is over for another year. But, just the same, they warned other residents to take care and keep an eye out for the 'monster.'"

The story

Sightings of the Mill Race Monster did not stop after the 1st, however. Check back later for another post on the other sightings.

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