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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Butler Bigfoot

In 1978, there were several Bigfoot sightings around the Ohio town of Butler. It all started on July 8, when Eugene Kline and his sister, Kathy, heard strange noises coming from the woods near their home, which was located on Elm Street in Butler. When they looked over, the two claim they saw, only five feet from them, a creature that they said was about seven or eight feet tall, with a head that was three feet in diameter, and red eyes.

The pair claimed that the creature looked at them while making growling noises. The children ran to their house and told their father, who called the police.

Police arrived and searched the area, but found nothing. After the police arrived, the children's father told them that the kids had seen the same thing two weeks earlier, but did not give any details on that sighting.

It was four days later, on July 12, that another one of the children in the Kline family, Teresa, saw to "large red eyes" looking at her from the woods after dark. Teresa ran into the house and into her bedroom. When her mother arrived, they both heard a "crying noise" that was coming from the area where the eyes had been spotted. A strange odor emanated from the same area.

This post is excerpted from my upcoming book The Ohio Monster Guidebook: A Look at the Buckeye State's Most Mysterious Creatures. Right now I'm in the proofing/editing process, and I hope to have it out by the end of the year. Check back later for more on the book.

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