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Monday, September 5, 2016

Ohio Cryptid Book is Finished

The Ohio Monster Guidebook is finished. Now the proofing process will start.

I have also sent the book to Colin Schneider, who has agreed to write a forward for it. You can check out his stuff on his Paranormal101 blog.

Contents the book will be:

  • Forward
  • Introduction
  1. Loveland Frogmen
  2. Charles Mill Lake Monster
  3. Giant Catfish
  4. Ohio Grassman
  5. Lake Erie Monster
  6. Flying Monsters
  7. Melon Heads
  8. Alien Big Cats
  9. Werewolves
  10. Cryptozoology in the Buckeye State
Hopefully I'll have it published in the near future. Check back later for more updates.

My first book, Cryptid U.S., can be bought on If you like it, leave a review!

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