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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Book Review: Legend Tripping by Robert C. Robinson

A few weeks ago I got Robert Robinson's book Legend Tripping: The Ultimate Adventure, which was published earlier this year by Adventures Unlimited Press.

Robinson defines legend tripping as "to go on, or participate in, a quest or adventure for something that is defined as a mystery or legend and is not verified or explained by science." So, basically, if you go out looking for Bigfoot, ghosts, or something else of that nature, you are legend tripping.

This is not just a book for someone interested in cryptozoology. Those interested in UFOs, ghosts and paranormal things, and other mysteries will love this book as well, because Robert covers all of those things in his book.

Some chapters cover the legends themselves, which include Bigfoot, lake and river monsters, UFOs, ghosts, hidden treasure, etc. Following these chapters are some about a legend trip in search of whatever mystery was discussed in the chapter before it. There are also chapters on what to take with you if you decide to go in search of one of these mysteries, and on some of the author's personal legend trips.

The book also features a forward by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.

If you are someone interested in cryptozoology, UFOs, the paranormal, or unexplained things in general, you'll love Legend Tripping.

You can get the book here.

Robert Robinson & I at the 2016
Mothman Festival

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