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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lake Worth Monster Sightings Anniversary

The 47th anniversary of the first reported Lake Worth Monster sightings was Saturday, July 10.
News story from July 12, 1969 (47 yrs. ago today)
in the Dallas Morning News
In 1969 the monster was seen around Lake Worth, located near Fort Worth, Texas. And it was not a Nessie-type monster - the press described it as a "fishy goat-man," but witness reports sounded decidedly like a white-haired Bigfoot.
Allen Plaster's photo of the LWM, and the only photo of it.
Does it show a Bigfoot?
During that summer it was said to have attacked cars and throw a tire at a group of witnesses, among other things. Sometimes it was even seen swimming in Lake Worth out to Greer Island, where it was thought the monster lived.

Sallie Ann Clark wrote a book about the monster after the sightings began, and although the book is mostly fictional, it is a great one to have in your collection (if you collect books on odd topics like cryptozoology, like I do) as it is extremely rare.

To this day no one knows what the Lake Worth Monster really was, and we probably never will.

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