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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bigfoot, Waterways, and Rainfall

"He always follows the creeks..."

That is a line from the 1972 Bigfoot movie The Legend of Boggy Creek. What makes it so special is that it's true.

I've researched Bigfoot for 6-7 years now, and one thing that is mentioned time and time again in reports, books, etc. is that the creatures seem to travel near water, which would make sense. A creature like Bigfoot would need to be close to water. It could help with traveling and they would need it to survive. A human trying to survive out in the wilderness would do the same thing.


Also on the subject of Sasquatch and water is the likelihood of sightings in areas with certain amounts of annual rainfall.

This correlation was first noted by legendary Bigfoot researcher John Green in his book Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us. After discussing Sasquatch sightings in relation to human populations and other things, he notes that:

"The map does show some correlation with a map of sasquatch sightings in North America is the rainfall map. It isn't by any means a perfect match, but there is a rough outline that fits. Where the annual rainfall is under 20 inches a year there are hardly any sasquatch reports. There is only one major exception to that rule, in western Montana, and three minor ones, north of Los Angeles, at the north end of Lake Winnipeg and in Alaska. Where the rainfall is over 20 inches there usually are reports, although up to now there are more exceptions on the wet side of the line than on the dry side. Why mankind's supposed need to imagine monsters should dry up when it doesn't rain much I will leave to someone else to explain."
To help prove Green's point, here is a map of the average annual precipitation in the United States...

Red is the least, green -purple is the most
And here's a map of sasquatch sighting areas in the United States & Canada…

Lighter is the least, darker is the most
There is some correlation here.

If some non-believer has an explanation why people commonly see "non-exsitent 'monsters'" in areas with lots of rainfall, I'd also like to hear it!

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