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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Cattle-Killing Monster that Left Huge Tracks!

The February 14, 1972 Tacoma, Washington News-Tribune carried an article the with headline "Mystery Killer Beast Leaves Huge Tracks and Disappears" written by Bob Boxberger, which reads as follows:

"Something big and black, with enormous red eyes and capable of tossing a dead, 350-pound cold aver a five-foot fence is reported roaming the hills between Orting and Kapowsin.
"Mrs. Wanda A. Borton of 30114 Orville Road E. told a sheriff's deputy Sunday that a beast with a two-toed track 14 inches long and five inches wide had been roaming around her residence and barn for the past two weeks. On Feb. 5 it broke the neck of a 350-pound calf and dumped it head-first over a fence into a manger. Neighbors have been tracking the killer ever since, she said.
"The beast was seen Sunday about 12:30 a.m. when a neighbor stepped outside the house to investigate the cause of a commotion among her dogs and cattle, Mrs. Borton said. An animal was crouched by the front door. It was a large, black beast with enormous red eyes, she said.
"The animal later was tracked through a pasture to the point where it had knocked down a 10-foot section of chain-link fence four feet high, Mrs. Boston told the deputy.
"A neighbor who is considered an experienced outdoorsman is reported to have said the tracks are not those of a bear. They are, in fact, like nothing he's seen before, he said. He was not immediately available for comment, but his wife told The News Tribune he said the track is much like a human's with there great toe joined to its companion and the three outer toes joined in a unit with a normal division between the two groups.
"The deputy said there are further reports of about 14 cattle being slain by the beast near Fogel's Corners, some 10 miles southwest at the Eatonville Cutoff near the Mountain Highway-Tanwax Road junction."
To me it sounds like the creature that was roaming the area could be a Bigfoot, except for the odd description of the toes. An animal that is "large," "black," has "enormous red eyes," and can knock down a large section of four-foot high fence does sound like one of the big hairy guys, however.

Illustration of the footprints that
accompanied the article

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