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Friday, January 22, 2016

New Season of Mountain Monsters Tomorrow

Tomorrow, January 23, a new season of Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition will begin on Destination America at 10 PM.

Tomorrow's episode will be "Bigfoot of Harrison County: Stonish Giant." Below is the description of that episode.

"AIMS resumes their epic quest to prove the existence of bigfoot in Appalachia as they head north to Harrison County, Ohio, after a legendary bigfoot known as the Stonish Giant. Native American folklore says this bigfoot has a coat of fur so thick that arrows are unable to penetrate it. The team soon learns that a local hunter claims to have shot and injured it with his rifle and the race is on to try to find this wounded beast before it succumbs to its injuries. After the AIMS team's nemesis reemerges during the hunt, one team member has to be rushed to the hospital and is left fighting for his life."

Well, this sounds interesting. I can say, however, that a rifle most likely wouldn't kill a Bigfoot. And, there is no legend of a "Stonish Giant" here in Ohio. I have heard stories of creatures like it, but they were from New York or Pennsylvania.

Apparently someone gets hurt in the first episode (its surprising thats the first time its happened, if it really did happen), and Trapper apparently reveals what he found at the "Bigfoot burial ground" in Kentucky on the second episode on January 30. Also, the people that had been following the AIMS team are back.

Be sure to check out an all new season of  Mountain Monsters, tomorrow at 10 PM on Destination America.

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