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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Very Weird Mountain Lion...

Wait, what's so weird about a mountain lion? Check out the picture…

This mountain lion was recently killed in Idaho, after a man reported that it attacked his dog on December 30th. A hunter was called in, and the cat was killed near the Utah border.

A mountain lion in itself isn't that mysterious (unless you're a cryptozoologist, and a cat is seen in an area where it shouldn't be.) This one, though, is weird, because… it has teeth on the top of its head.

The Idaho Fish and Game Department said there are two reasons this cat could have teeth growing out of the top of its heads - either, 1. The teeth are the remains of a twin that died in the womb, and became attacked to the top of this cat's head, or 2. The weird growth is a teratoma tumor, which is made of tissue which hair and teeth can grow out of.

I think it's kind of sad that the cat was killed - it would have been nice if someone could have tracked it and studied it while it was still alive. But, hunting mountain lions is legal during certain seasons and in certain areas in Idaho, so there's really nothing that could be done.

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