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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Fur-Bearing Trout

This critter is one that falls in the same category as the jackalope.

The fur-bearing trout is a fictional creature that is supposed to be found in Arkansas, northern North America, and Iceland. As the tales go, the trout have grown a coat of fur to maintain their body heat, because of the cold waters they live in. Another story says they have hair because four jugs of hair tonic were spilled into the Arkansas River. According to, they are also referred to as "…the Beaver Trout, or (incorrectly) as the Sabled Slamon."

Stories of the furry trout date back to the 17th century. In Iceland, the fish is called the Lodsilungur and is said to be the creation of demons and giants. In 1900, the Scottish Review featured an account about the Lodsilungur, saying it was a "poisonous shaggy trout."

The first account of a furry trout in the United States was published in 1929, in the Montana Wildlife magazine. The magazine said:

"When the fish is caught, the change of temperature from this water to atmosphere is so great that the fish explodes upon being taken from the water, and fur and skin come off in one perfect piece, making it available for commercial purposes, and leaving the body of the fish for refrigerator purposes or eating, as desired."

Another story of furry fish came from Wilbur Foshay, who claimed that they lived in the Arkansas River and grew fur to cope with cold temperatures. He also said it shed tis fur in the summer.  In 1938, the Pueblo Cheiftan said the following about furry trout in the river:

"… [o]ld timers living along the Arkansas River near Salida have told tales for many years of the fur-bearing trout indigenous to the waters of the Arkansas near there."
Some other fictional stories about furry trout come from Canada. In one case, fur of a rabbit was "ingeniously" attached to a fish.

The Furry trout is nothing but a hoax critter, just like the jackalope and skvader (which I had a post about a while ago.) If you don't believe me, just check out the way you are supposed to catch one - fishermen were said to have acted like barbers and lure fish to them by offering them a free haircut!

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