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Friday, November 6, 2015

Bigfooter Rob Riggs has Died

I saw some sad news yesterday...

Bigfooter Rob Riggs, 70, of Texas has passed away at 4:36 p.m. on November 3rd.

Rob Riggs
Riggs was best known for his research into the Big Thicket area of Texas, which has many reports of "wild men" (possibly Bigfoot,) ghost lights, and other odd occurances.

Riggs was born on September 7, 1945. He first heard about stories of the "Big Thicket Wild Man" in the 1950s (before the term "Bigfoot" even existed) growing up in Sour Lake, Texas. He got his first journalism job in 1979, and wrote many newspaper and magazine articles. In later years wrote some books on Bigfoot and mysteries. His three books are In the Big Thicket: On the Trail of the Wild Man (2001), Weird Texas (with Wesley Treat and Heather Shade, 2005) and Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth and Discovering the Truth (with Tom Burnette, 2014.)

Riggs appeared on Coast to Coast AM twice in 2002 and once in 2014. He has also appeared on TV. I don't know how many shows he was on, but I do know he is on the documentary Southern Fried Bigfoot. 

RIP Rob Riggs.

You can see a full obituary for Riggs on Loren Coleman's CryptoZooNews. Nick Redfern also said a few words on Mysterious Universe...

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