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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bigfoot and "Cloaking"

Can Bigfoot disappear? 
Some people say the reason Bigfoot can never be caught or can seem to disappear right before a witnesses eyes is because they can "cloak."

I saw a post about this theory on Mysterious Universe the other day. The subject of the post is a photo of a deer, whose head and neck are seemingly gone (although I, at least, can see it very faintly.) The photo was taken near Dadeville, Alabama and was posted on Facebook. It was analyzed by Samantha Ritchie, who believed the deer's head is blocked by a cloaked Bigfoot. Ritchie also claims to see faces of two Bigfoot in the picture.
Do you see a Bigfoot? I don't.

I do not think this photo shows cloaked Bigfoots, just some photo-manipulation. You can still see the deer's head and neck. And, the Bigfoot "faces" were apparently found after Ritchie zoomed in on the photo a bunch, and then outlined them in red. Does that show Bigfoots? No. It's just your mind seeing something that looks somewhat like a face, so your mind makes it look like a face. And, anything that is outlined or circled in red probably isn't real.
Bigfoot faces? I say not.

Bigfooter Scott Carpenter believes Bigfoot goes into its "cloaking mode" by using infrasound to convert water vapor in the air into microscopic prisms that reflect light from their bodies. I think Bigfoot may be able to use infrasound, but I don't know if it can do that.

So, I don't really know where to stand on the "Bigfoot cloaking" theory. I do think, though, that the photo with the deer and the Bigfoot "faces" is just a fake.

What do you think about the theory that Bigfoot can cloak? Leave your opinions in the comments.

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