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Sunday, August 2, 2015

UPDATE: Missing 411 - The Movie

August 2, 2015 update: As of right now, with thirteen days to go on the funding project, the campaign has raised more than its goal of $100,000 ….. $103,461!

Thousands of people have disappeared in North America's national parks, never to be seen again.

Why have they all disappeared?

That is the question David Paulides has set out to answer. David is the author of the Missing 411 books (as well as The Hoopa Project and Tribal Bigfoot.) There are four books out in the series, and most everyone who has read them seems to think they are great. Most people also say they have changed their view of the outdoors forever.

Now, David and his team have started a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise money to help with the making of a documentary on all the missing people cases. As I noted at the beginning of this post, they have already raised more money than their goal and have thirteen days to go. Awesome!

You can watch the trailer for the movie on the Kickstarter page. You can hear the stories and see the emotions from people who have lost family members and friends in parks who were never found. There is also a bit of a park ranger talking, but all he says is "We sent out a rescue but I'm not really supposed to answer these types of questions" while looking a bit nervous. "I think I made a mistake just by answering what I did." Do they all know more than they will say? Do they even care? In another park, there is a former park ranger talking about all the missing people cases they don't even investigate!

Above is a short trailer from YouTube. You can watch the full trailer and donate to the campaign on Kickstarter.

You can also buy the Missing 411 books (4 total) on North America Bigfoot Search.

I will definitely be getting this documentary!

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