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Monday, August 17, 2015

Montana Couple says they were Attacked and Injured by a "Giant Raccoon"

World News Daily had an article on the 11th about a couple who claim their car (with them in it) was attacked. By what?

An eight-foot raccoon, that's what.
Imagine this… the size of a Sasquatch 

The article says Arthur and Helen Baker were driving on Interstate 15 just north of the state capital when the giant animal attacked their car. Ms. Baker's comments on the event follow:

"I was sure we were going to die! This gigantic raccoon was determined to eat us or something, and it almost did. It kept flipping our truck over and trying to reach us throughout the windows. We fought back as hard as we could, punching it like crazy when it approached, but it seemed useless. We were only saved by the fact that it injured itself with the broken glass and decided to leave."
The article says the couple described the thing as an "extremely large and ferocious beast" that looked like a normal raccoon except for its size.

Later in the article there is an interview with William Deere, a Montana Fish and Wildlife spokesperson. "It is very unlikely that a common raccoon would grow 8-foot-tall!" He said. (No duh dude!) He goes on to say that it could be a hyaenodon, an ancient mammal that was the size of a horse, weighed a quarter of a ton, had jaws the size of an alligators, and was a ferocious predator. It also happens to be a raccoon ancestor. Don't believe that? Well, check this out then.


 "However," Deere says, "It's more probably a grizzly bear or something like that."

The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff and the USDA Wildlife Services launched an investigation to find out what animal really attacked the car.
Photo of the car supposedly attacked by the "giant raccoon"

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