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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Missing in Alaska Taken off the Air

If you are someone like me who likes Ken Gerhard's new show Missing in Alaska, you probably noticed it was not on Friday night. Gerhard commented on this on Cryptomundo on yesterday:

"I'm sorry to announce that Missing in Alaska has been removed from the History Channel schedule for this evening. Admittedly, I'm not sure precisely what that means and those decisions are obviously way above my head. I know we've averaged about 1,000,000 viewers for the first three episodes and have ranked decently in the ratings. I appreciate all of you who have supported and watched the show thus far. I'm hopeful that the network is merely making a strategic move as they evaluate which time slot might work best for moving forward. If any of you are concerned, I invite you to send an email or letter to History Channel expressing that you enjoy the program. Much Love!"
So far, three episodes of the show have aired, and I have really enjoyed all of them. I really hope the History Channel didn't take the show off the air for good. It's cool because it isn't the totally staged thing like Alaska Monsters or Mountain Monsters (the latter of which I actually also really enjoy) or the same exact thing every time like Finding Bigfoot. So far each time it's been something different.

History Channel, please put Missing in Alaska back on!

What do you think? Do you want the show to keep going?

 Missing in Alaska crew -
L to R - Tommy, Jax, and Ken

I know I haven't been blogging this week, and that's because I've been at the fair. But now that that's over, be sure to check back later for more on Tyler's Cryptozoo!

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