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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Joedy Cook on Sasquatch Watch Radio

Last Tuesday, cryptozoologist/author Joedy Cook was on Sasquatch Radio. I've listened to about half of the interview, and the hosts and guest were talking about Dogman sightings. He also talks about a TV show on the Dogman that the History channel is thinking of possibly doing. Very interesting stuff.

You can listen to Sasquatch Watch Radio here.
Joedy Cook

Joedy has appeared on several TV shows, including MonsterQuest and Monsters and Mysteries in America. He will be at Bigfoot Day at Beaver Creek State Park, OH, o August 16 and at the Mothman Festival in Pt. Pleasant, WV, next month. He is the author of many books, listed below. You can get them all on Amazon.

Joedy Cook's books:

Dogman: Werewolf Encounters in Northeastern America (2015)
Werewolves: Myths and Legends (2011)
History of the Dogman (2015)
Mothman Casebook (2014)
Legend of the Grassman: The Bigfoot of Salt Fork State Park (2011)
Traces of the Grassman: The Search for the Ohio Bigfoot (2010)
Beginner's Guide to Bigfoot Research (2011)
Winged Entity Casebook (2011)
Humanoid Encounters 1 of 2 (2011)
Humanoid Encoutners 2 of 2 (2011)
Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman (2006) (With Christopher Murphy and George Clappison.)
Zombies: The Survival Guide (2011)
Zombies: What You Need to Know or You'll Die (2011)
Cryptid Ohio (2011) (With Ginger Bertline)
Creepy Ohio (2011)

Joedy is also the editor of Cryptid Seekers Magazine available on

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