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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bigfoot Sightings in Oregon

"Oregon is one of the hotspots for Bigfoot reports. It ranks about number three in states for most sightings. In 2014, guests from the Western Bigfoot Society met at Cascadia State Park in Oregon for the Bigfoot Days event. Ray Crowe put together a small book for the occasion called Bigfoot in Linn County Oregon. Sightings in the area go back many years.
"Sometime in the 1940s, Floyd Wilhelm saw a Bigfoot lying on the ground playing possum near Moose Mountain. Another sighting occurred in 2003 in Cascadia State Park. The witness, Bruce Coats, had played recordings of Bigfoot howls about 20 minutes earlier. After the witness got in bed, he heard a strange sound coming from the woods behind his camper. The sounds stopped about five minutes later.
"A week later, the same witness played the same Bigfoot recording. He heard the same sounds. He also heard something he described as sounding like a landslide. Other campers reported the same sound."

This post about Bigfoot in Oregon is excerpted from my book Cryptid U.S.. There is a whole chapter on Bigfoot sightings from all over the country in the book, including places like Oregon, Washington, California, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, and other places.

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