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Saturday, July 25, 2015

White Yeti or Brown Yeti?

Pretty much every time you see a Yeti in a movie/TV show, it is white in color. But, do witnesses actually describe Yetis that look like that?
Is this what a yeti is really like?

The answer - no, actually.

Most people probably just think Yetis are white because they think they are always seen high in the Himalayas where there is always snow, like Bumble in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. There have been encounters and track finds (like Eric Shipton's, see photo below), but many cryptozoologists think that, if Yetis are real, they actually live in the forests, which is more likely.
A footprint Eric Shipton found

Yetis are also not white like Bumble and just about every other Yeti you'll ever see in movies and TV.  Witnesses describe them usually with brown or dark colored hair, just like Bigfoot, Yerens, Yowies, and other man-like cryptids seen around the world.
Bumble - NOT an accurate Yeti...

NOT an accurate yeti...
Still, NOT an accurate yeti 

So, this would be more what a real Yeti would look like:

An accurate yeti!

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