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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Original Drawing of the Flatwoods Monster has been Rediscovered!

The Flatwoods Monster (aka the Braxton County Monster) was a strange, possible alien creature spotted on September 12, 1952, near Flatwoods, West Virginia.

"That night, just as it was getting dark, four boys playing football, Eugene Lemon (17), Neal Nunley (14), Ronald Shaver (10), and Teddie Neal (10) saw some strange lights in the sky. They saw what looked like a 'shooting star' head towards the ground on a nearby hill.
"The boys decided to quit playing football and go and investigate. They passed the home of Kathleen May, and told her 'A flying saver has landed on the hill and we are going to look for it.' May and her two sons decided they would go with the boys to check out their 'flying saucer.' They were also accompanied by Tommy Hyer as they headed to the UFO.
"When they approached the spot, they noticed a bad smell, and a mysterious, unnatural fog. They could see a strange light ahead. Eugene Lemon's dog was with the group and ran ahead of them, towards the UFO. The object was 'glowing and hissing' and was ten feet long. The witnesses said it appeared to have a solid form.
"As the group approached the UFO, Lemon's dog came racing back, whining with its tail between its legs. Mrs. May saw a pair of eyes in a tree ahead, and told the others there was something in it. They had a light, and Neal Nunley shined it towards the eyes. The group had thought they could be those of a possum or raccoon, but they were not. They were not even something of this world!
"What the group was looking a had a body like a man's, did not appear to have arms, and had a head 'like an ace of spades.' The head had a large, circular 'window' in it that the witnesses saw 'darkness' and 'two things like eyes, which stayed fixed and shone straight out.' It was about nine feet tall and was hovering about a foot off the ground."

That is the story of the encounter with the Flatwoods Monster from my upcoming book United States of Monsters.  Some accounts, though, say the creature had arms.

After the creature (or whatever it was) was seen, a drawing of it was made by a New York sketch artist.  For many years the drawing has been thought to have been lost, but was recently rediscovered!
Newspaper clipping with the original drawing.
"The original drawing of the Braxton County Monster (seen above, commissioned by Lee Steward, and drawn by a New York sketch artists) based on Kathleen May's description; seen in countless newspaper clippings, reprinted in books, and shown on television; an image copied by countless artists, game creators, and cartoonist; has long been thought to be lost to time. However, the drawing was recently rediscovered in Braxton County, West Virginia. The long time owners would like to remain unnamed due to the rarity of the piece and the possible value it might have. Please enjoy the high resolution photos by clicking on the thumbnails below. If you would like to help the family appraise the drawing, please contact:"

What you just read recently appeared on the website. It seems that the people of Braxton County and Flatwoods still love their monster!
The original drawing of the Flatwoods Monster!

You can see the rest of the photos on the other website.

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