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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Loch Ness Monsters - Giant Catfish?

"FOR 24 years he has assiduously watched the waters of Loch Ness convinced that it holds a family of prehistoric monsters.

But now Steve Feltham, who is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records for the longest continuous monster hunting vigil of the loch, believes Nessie is no plesiosaur but a giant catfish first introduced by Victorians."

That's how a new article on The Scotsman website starts. Steve Feltham believes the monsters are huge catfish, that can get up to 13 feet long. He believes there was a population of the creatures, but now there could only be one! The article says this could be "devastating" to the Loch Ness tourist industry. Nessie is a good moneymaker. 

Do I think there is one Loch Ness Monster left, and that it is a giant catfish? NO! Lots of other people have said "Nessie is dead" in recent years. Have sightings slowed down in the 21st century? Yes. Are ALL the Nessies dead? I doubt it.

I don't think the Nessies (yes, there has to be more than one Loch Ness Monster) are actually a kind of long necked seal. If you think it sounds nuts, read Peter Costello's lake monster book - it makes perfect sense and can account for many lake monster sightings around the world! 
Original In Search of Lake Monsters,
w/ a giant, long necked seal on the cover

In Search of Lake Monsters, 2015 edition
You can check out the full article about Nessie the Giant Catfish here. 

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