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Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Cryptozoology Collection

Below are some pictures of most of my collection of cryptozoology related things. Most are books, and some are just neat little things I've got. Book count is currently at 128 - with two more on the way. Watch out Marc DeWerth, I'll catch up to you someday!

Some Bigfoot stuff
More books

Some signed Mountain Monsters
and Bigfoot stuff

More signed Bigfoot stuff…
under Sasquatch Field Guide is
Creature from the Black Lagoon

Some little things
and a Fouke Monster footprint replica
Hat with signatures of famous crypto people
and Bob Gimlin signed P-G filmsite card and
toes of Fouke Monster footprint

Signed cryptozoologist cards
Some other cards and
 Bob Gimlin signed photo

"I would rather be squatchin'"
signed by Cliff Barackman
Mothman statue from the
Mothman Museum
Replica - Roger Patterson cast.
California, 1963
Bigfoot footprint replica,
not based on any real footprints
Something in the Woods
signed poster

Replica - John Green Cast.
Onion Mtn., Cal., 1967

That's my cryptozoology collection after six years. And it's still growing all the time. If you are a collector of cryptozoology things as well, why not add Cryptid U.S. to your collection?

If you read and enjoy Cryptid U.S., please leave a review on Amazon!

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