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Friday, July 31, 2015

Missing in Alaska: "Hunted by the Hairy Man"

Missing in Alaska: "Hunted by the Hairy Man" premieres tonight at 10 PM on the History Channel. It looks like this episode is about Bigfoot!

Here's the episode description:

"Tales of Bigfoot sightings are reported globally but the Alaskan version is the most extreme, standing over 14 feet. Is this massive, aggressive creature targeting people in the Alaska Triangle? Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard and team try to track down the beast, hoping to learn how this monster remains so elusive."

I thought the first episode of Missing in Alaska,  "Vanished in a Vortex," was very good. I'll probably like this one even more since it is about a cryptid!

Be sure to check out Missing in Alaska, tonight at 10 on the History Channel!

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