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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dave Shealy and the Skunk Ape Research Headquaters

Dave Shealy is the owner of the Skunk Ape Headquarters in Ochopee, Florida. According to people, like Loren Coleman, Shealy is a great guy to meet. But, he's a hoaxer. He'll even admit it. In 1998 he claimed he caught the Skunk Ape on film, but it was just his brother in a suit. He has even made people think the Skunk Ape is really just like a bigfoot you'd see in the Pacific Northwest, when in reality many people described the Skunk Ape as something like a chimpanzee.

This is a video of these two guys' trip to the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters in Ochopee, Florida. Even though Shealy hoaxed his video, his Skunk Ape Headquarters seems to be a really cool place, and, he does seem like a nice guy. The Skunk Ape Headquarters looks like a place I'd want to go someday.

Be on the lookout for more on the Skunk Ape coming to Tyler's Cryptozoo soon.

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