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Friday, July 17, 2015

Chupacabra Road Trip!

Nick Redfern has a couple of new books coming out in September. One is on Bigfoot, and the other is Chupacabra Road Trip: In Search of the Elusive Beast. 

Here's the book description from

"In 1995, the island nation of Puerto Rico was seized with mass hysteria over a new menace lurking in the rainforests gruesomely killing livestock, leaving strange holes in their necks and draining their bodies of blood. Described by eyewitnesses as a devilish creature three feet tall with spikes along its back and a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs, the strange animal was given the name Chupacabra - Spanish for 'goat-sucker.'
"Join noted monster hunter Nick Redfern as he traverses the rugged backcountry of Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Texas, and together with his spirited crew, investigates the continuing legacy of this fearsome beast. Whether he's interviewing locals, analyzing physical evidence, or sorting out the facts from the legends, Nick's journey into the realm of the Chupacabra will make you wonder just what's out there sucking blood in the night." 

You can check out the book, which is available for pre-order now, on Amazon.  

I will post some about one of Nick's other forthcoming works, The Bigfoot Book, later.

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