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Friday, July 17, 2015

"Bigfoot is not Paranormal"

Some people think Bigfoot is a paranormal or supernatural being. Some do not.

"There is nothing about bigfoot in its appearance or behavior that would lead anyone with any of the aforementioned tributes to reach the conclusion that bigfoot is paranormal in nature. In fact, that conclusion could only be reached by lacking all of the previously mentioned qualities. Experience, education, common sense, logical reasoning."

That is part of a new article on Bigfoot Crossroads about the big hairy guy. Is Bigfoot paranormal? I don't know. I'm on the side who thinks it is probably some sort of unknown ape and hominid, but there are lots of reports if Bigfoot linked with UFOs, and Paranormal and supernatural occurances. Some people say they see a Bigfoot and it just disappears right before their eyes! If the witnesses are not hoaxes, how do you explain that?

You can check out the full article about the non-paranormal Bigfoot on Bigfoot Crossroads. 

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