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Friday, July 3, 2015

Bigfoot Caught on a Bear Camera in Katmai National Park

This video recently appeared and supposedly shows what could be a young Bigfoot in Katmai National Park in Alaska. It was caught on a camera usually used to film bears, which you can also see the video. You can see the figure walking along the part of land that is out in the water.

It was uploaded by Mystery Planet on YouTube. Here's the video description:

"Katmai Bigfoot, could this be a Bigfoot ? Recorded live on Katmai National Park bear cams, I was going through the live cams when I noticed this dark figure so I quickly hit record. Katmai Bigfoot   A juvenile Bigfoot?
"You can watch all cams at our website just click the link below."

I'm beginning to think this could be a hoax. One of the comments is also Mystery Planet telling viewers to "visit our website and join the community." And whoever wrote the description apparently knows nothing about punctuation.

What do you think? Real Bigfoot or a hoax?

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