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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Book on the Sheepsquatch!

I first heard about the creature called the "Sheepsquatch" two years ago when it was featured on an episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America. For those who haven't, the Sheepsquatch is said to be a large creature with white hair, a hairless tail, and a face like a ram's. It is spotted in Kentucky and West Virginia, sometimes in the TNT Area of Point Pleasant, WV, where many Mothman sightings also occurred.

The Monsters and Mysteries episode was really the only thing that had any info on the Sheepsquatch for a while. Later an episode of Mountain Monsters, also on Destination America, featured it. J. Nathan Couch included a chapter on the big white beast in his 2014 book Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?, and I also discuss Sheepsquatch in a chapter of my second book, which I am currently writing.

I just saw yesterday, however, that there is now a book fully on the Sheepsquatch. Its title is simply the name of the cryptid, and the author is George Dudding. Dudding was born in Mason County, West Virginia(where Mothman sightings occurred) in 1950 and lived there for 19 years. He has also written some books on Mothman, the Silver Bridge disaster, Bigfoot, and UFOs.
The new book

Here's the description of the book from Amazon:

"Just when the author thought it was finally safe to step out of his vehicle in the TNT Area, he learned that another creature had joined the lineup in his hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. When Dudding learned that Sheepsquatch had come on board to try and steal some of the limelight, he decided it was time to return to Mason County, where rumors told him that a scary creature had been seen near his old homeplace. He headed back to his old stomping grounds, the TNT Area and the now abandoned farm he grew up on, to seek out some answers for himself. The investigation continued from here to the dark shadows of Boone County, West Virginia, where he learned of the many dark secrets of Prenter Hollow and the the 'White Monster' known as Sheepsquatch that lurks in and around the abandoned coal mines."

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