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Monday, June 22, 2015

Two Creepy Creatures - The Jersey Devil and Loveland Frogmen

The Jersey Devil legend has been around since 1735. It is supposed to have wings, a serpent tail, horse legs and hooves, short, clawed arms, a horse head, and sometimes it is said to have horns. But, some descriptions differ. Nick Redfern has a new Mysterious Universe post about this New Jersey monster, and it in includes some old accounts of strange animals killed that could be jersey devils.
Jersey Devil

Redfern also has a new post about the frogmen of Loveland, Ohio. These creatures were firs spotted in 1955, and sightings also occurred in 1972. The were about four feet tall, with human-like bodies, by had frog faces and wrinkles on the tops of their heads instead of hair.
Loveland Frogman

You can check out Nick's posts below.

Profiling the Jersey Devil
Ohio's Freaky Frog-Folk

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