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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sighting of a Live Triceratops in Idaho, and Other Potato State Monsters

From a new Mysterious Universe article by Jason Offutt:

"From the depths of Idaho lakes, to its mountains, reports of monster reptiles abound. One of these reports occurred a few days before 17 December 1909 when two men saw a 'giant' lizard that crushed trees when it walked. 
"A 1909 article in the Carbon County News claimed Joseph Cliffe and Walt Glifford were hunting in the hills when they heard a sound from an unknown animal. Moments later, crashing through the trees was a giant lizard with a crest behind its head, and horns on its face. The ground shook beneath its feet. The men ran up the hill, and eventually stopped to look down. The monster, they said, was scaled, with 'a row of bony spikes' along its back. The animal, they estimated, was more than 80 feet long. Cliffe shot at the creature with his hunting rifle, but only managed to anger it. The hunters ran back to town, and told their story. Groups of armed men ventured out in search of the monster, and some saw it fleetingly, but they never got close enough to get a shot."

Could that be a report of a living dinosaur? If the report is true, it sounds much like a Triceratops, except for the size. But, the hunters could have exaggerated it. Triceratops was about thirty feet long.

You can find out more about live Triceratopses (is that the plural?) and other Idaho monsters, including Slimy Slim the lake monster, in Jason Offutt's new MU article.