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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Real Photo of a Fairy?

Sarah Hembry was out walking and took a photo of her dog in Radstock, Sumerset, England. But, she also claims that there is a real fairy in the photo, too.
Hembry's photo

Hemnbry claims that she did not see the fairy when she took the photo and that she did not alter the image. A gardening expert, Sam Ross, said that the thing in the photo was likely a mayfly in flight, and the light reflected off it. My opinion: I think its photoshopped. Fake.

Seriously, the old Cottingley fairy photographs of 1917 were more believable than this one. And, one last thing, just because we're talking about fairies: at Creature Weekend a month ago, Nick Redfern was talking about Bigfoot in Britain, and during questions someone asked him what he thought of fairies. Anyway, it eventually got to a story about people seeing fairies  riding around in a train in their yard. Now every time I think of Nick's presentation at Creature Weekend I have to think of fairy trains. :)

Above is the second of the five Cottingley fairy photographs taken in 1917, which can all be seen here.