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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Please Protect Thunderbirds

Many people across North America have reported seeing huge birds. These birds are called thunderbirds and are usually said to have a wingspan of at least ten feet, and a lot of times it is larger than that. A lot of times the birds are said to be about five feet tall.

Native Americans knew of the huge birds, just like they knew of lake monsters and Bigfoot that many people say do not exist today. I, for one, tend to listen to what Native Americans have to say about cryptids. Even though some of their stories could be exaggerated, I still believe they are talking about real creatures, and I respect what they think about them. I do not think we should go against the Native's beliefs. Earlier this year, a rare white moose was killed, and that angered many mi'cmaq tribe people.

I have just finished writing the thunderbird chapter in my second book United States of Monsters today.

"I personally think thunderbirds are quite rare. They are not sighted as often as a Bigfoot or lake monster. Whatever they are, their numbers are probably low.
"I do not think thunderbirds actually bring storms with them like Native Americans thought. But maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps they really do control thunder.
"Whatever they are, they are rare. They also do nor get as much attention in the cryptozoology world as something like Bigfoot. I think more research should be done into sightings of these giant birds. They have been here for hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of years if they are something like Argentavis. I'd hate for this amazing species of giant bird to go extinct before someone even 'proves they exist.'"

That is part of what I had to say about the population of T-birds in the new book.

I do think thunderbirds are quite rare. They are not seen as much a something like Bigfoot, that's for sure. Last year, a commenter did report seeing a thunderbird on my first post about Cryptid U.S.. Stan Gordon had some reports on his website last year. Those are really the only recent reports I've heard, although I do not know when the commenter's sighting occurred, if it's true.

I am now going to start, on this blog at least, a project called Please Protect Thunderbirds. I first became interested in these cryptids years ago when I saw an episode about them on Mystery Hunters. They were the third or fourth cryptid creature I really got interested in. The others were the Loch Ness Monster, Champ, and the Yeti.

My goal with Please Protect Thunderbirds is to try to at least raise awareness (even in the cryptozoology community) about these birds. Each time I write about them I get a strong feeling about trying to protect them if their numbers are low, as it seems they are. If you have seen a thunderbird, please leave a comment and tell me about it. I'd be very glad to hear your story.

I think I am also going to start a new blog with this project, but I will also post on Tyler's Cryptozoo. I don't really know how this will work, because I've never really tried to do something like this before. Maybe I will keep it going. I hope I do, and it doesn't end up like the "cryptids of the week" thing on this blog.

I will try to post any updates on the project when I can, maybe every few weeks, maybe at least once a month, or maybe more often. Any help with trying to find thunderbird sightings and protecting the species would be much appreciated!!!

T-bird on a Native American totem pole