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Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Monster Fish" Lurking in Cambridgeshire River

Fishermen are being terrified by a "monster fish" in a Cambridgeshire, England, river.

Two local anglers recently said that the six-foot-fish, whatever it is, came very close to tipping over their boat! The fish was so big one of them thought it could be a dolphin. The two fishermen are now warning others as they go on the River Nene to watch out for the giant fish.
The River Nene

Here's some more about the encounters from the Cambridge News: 

"One of them described their frightening encounter to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.
"He said: 'I enjoy going out on my boat. One day we were on our boat going up towards Whittlesey and the boat suddenly juddered as if there was something large in the water.
"'My friend and myself looked at each other and I looked down to see what we hit.'
"'I saw the most extraordinary thing. I saw the biggest fish I have ever seen in my life.'
"'I like boating and I like wildlife, but I had never seen a fish like this before. It was absolutely huge - it was over six-foot long.' 
"'It was swimming alongside us and our boat had struck it and it was as if it was showing us the side of itself where the propeller had hit it and we could see the white flesh.'
"'My friend saw it and exclaimed 'blimey is that a dolphin?'"
"'It was so big. We're going to go out again this year and see if we can see it.'"

They think the big fish could be a large sturgeon. These fish are known to grow to twenty feet in length. The Environment Agency said the men probably saw a seal or an otter that was swimming in the River Nene because it is linked to the ocean. No fish known to be in the lake have ever been known to reach six feet in length.
Some fishermen with a giant sturgeon

The "monster fish" was sighted again later by Michelle Cooper while she was kayaking. She had a very good look at it and said it was a American Eel.

She said:
"Im 5'4" tall and it was bigger than me. The water was crystal clear and I had a good look at it. I didn't see any white like the fishermen. I saw dark brown and when I researched what it could [be] I found it looked exactly like the giant eels you get in America."

Cooper had a camera, but the "eel" moved off before she could get a picture.
American Eel

If any more info on the monster fish of River Nene comes out I will post it on this blog. Could it be a huge sturgeon? Or is it a giant eel? A cow?(Well, most likely not, but the other story is neat, too.)

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