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Friday, June 12, 2015

Mammoths and Mastodons - Still Alive?

Nick Redfern has a new Mysterious Universe article about surviving mammoths and mastodons. These giant, elephant-like animals are thought to be extinct. Maybe they're still alive, or lived much longer than scientists think.
A herd of mammoths

Here's how the article starts:

"The Mammoth, a massive animal that roamed the lonely wilds of North America, the expanses of Western Europe, and the harsh lands of northern Russia during the Pleistocene era, and which is generally accepted as having become extinct somewhere around the end of the last Ice Age.
"Today, all we have left of this huge, majestic creature are a few well preserved carcasses found embedded in icy tombs, and the various bone and tusk fragments that still continue to surface from time to time. Could there, however, still possibly be more - maybe, much more - just waiting to be uncovered?"

See the rest here.

Surviving mammoths and mastodons have been discussed in cryptozoology before, including one very interesting account in Bernard Heuvelmans' On the Track of Unknown Animals. Frozen bodies of these creatures, still with hair and flesh, are frequently found. Scientists say we may be close to actually being able to clone these animals!