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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Golden Oarfish and Marsupial Tigers - New From ShukerNature

Karl Shuker has some interesting new stuff on his ShukerNature blog. One of his new posts is about a giant, golden oarfish seen in Vietnam  in the Bong Son River. The witnesses said the fish was thirty feet long! Shuker also discusses how this could be connected to ancient tales of golden river dragons. Check out that post here: Was a Golden Freshwater Oarfish Encountered During the Vietnam War?
A normal-looking oarfish
from Weird 'n Wild Creatures

The second post is about a strange clipping from an old newspaper. It shows a picture of a Thylacosmilus-looking animal with the headline "Large Marsupial Species Thought to be Extinct." But, the clipping comes from Australia, and Thylacosmilus lived in South America. Shuker theorizes that is could be the yarri, also called the Queensland Tiger. At the end, you actually find out what it is.
You can check out the second post here: Marsupial Sabre-Tooths, Queensland Tigers, Blue Mountains Lions, And A Most Elusive Crypto-Cutting.

Thylacosmilus skull

Queensland Tiger drawing