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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Edges of Science

Thom Powell's new, third book, Edges of Science, comes out this Sunday, June 21. On Sunday, the kindle version of the book will be available for the special price of only $1.99. It's just for one day, though!

The paperback edition will become available on June 22.

This is Thom Powell's third book. His first two were The Locals and Shady Neighbors. Here's the description of the book from his website:

"Edges of Science, Thom Powell's third book, is an anthology of scientific mysteries that all relate to a central theme: the place of our Earth within a vast galaxy of stars, many of which are inhabited by sentient beings that are fully aware of Earth and well-meaning but sometimes inept the humans that inhabit it. Thom is a career science teacher who has researched and reports on a plethora of scientific mysteries that are much more related to each other than they first appear. UFOs, crop circles, ancient pueblos, earthen mounds, sasquatches, and lake monsters are just some of the mysterious phenomena that manifest themselves occasionally on Earth and suggest something of profound importance that is going on at the Edges of Science."

You can find out more about the book on Thom's website.   This book sounds like it will be very interesting.

Powell's first book, The Locals