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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Book Review: Cryptozoology: Science and Speculation by Chad Arment

Today, I finished Chad Arment's 2004 book Cryptozoology: Science and Speculation. It is one of the four of his books I have, and I decided to read it first, since it was his first.

The first part of Chad's books is on science. He discusses how cryptozoology can be a real science, and not just some people walking around in the woods at midnight yelling and smacking sticks on trees. He talks about scientific foundation, the scientific method, ethnozoology, methodology, feasibility, and credibility of cryptozoology.

Part two of the book is speculation. Each chapter there is about a different cryptid. Most of the reports are old reports, and Chad reprints old newspaper accounts of the time about these creatures, which include long tailed wildcats, wild men, stone giants, giant snakes, merfolk, thunderbirds, and giant orangutans. My favorite of these was probably the chapter on the Pennsylvania "Gorilla."

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in cryptozoology.

Next book review will be Champ Quest 2000 by Dennis Jay Hall.